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Virtual Pinball Cabinet Design - My First Design

DISCLAIMER - This post was originally posted on my old Blogger site. I migrated it to my new site. So some of the information published here may no longer be relevant.

Here is my "cabinet" design for my virtual pinball machine.  I did not want this to look like a typical pinball machine.  I wanted it to be more of an open air type design.  I almost have all of the materials in.  I am waiting on the smoked acrylic panels.  They should be in this week.  This shouldn't take me too long to build.

The benefits of this design is flexibility.  All attributes of the machine can be swapped at anytime with little effort.  The main playfield display can be lifted and rotated to appear as a standard landscape PC display.  My plan is to play other game emulations on the machine and this design will make use of the largest display.

I'll be posting pics of the fabrication, construction, and finished product.

My First Design



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