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VPX Table Builds

VPX Loch Ness Monster (Game Plan 1985) WiP 02.22.2021
JINO0372 Virtual Pinball

VPX Loch Ness Monster (Game Plan 1985) WiP 02.22.2021

This is a VPX table that I am currently working on. This is an ultra rare pinball machine. Only one physically exist and it is the prototype. The resources are very limited. So recreating this in visual pinball is difficult. There is no ROM (or videos that I know of) so the gameplay and scoring are purely theoretical. This table was originally released by Roccodimarco. The table was then converted to VPX by Goldchicco. This started out as a simple clean up of the playfield graphics but has turned into almost a full re-build. I started with the playfield. The original playfield you could barely distinguish out any of the graphics and words. I then had to re-do the playfield lights...then the plastics...then the rubbers...then the walls...the primitives...then the general lighting...then script. I still have work to do but the only thing still left of the table I started with are the majority of the sounds...I like the sounds :)....and some of script elements. I am still working on the script. Additional credits go to: - Ball rolling sound script by jpsalas - Ball and flipper shadows by ninuzzu - Plus a lot of input from the whole VP community ******************************************************************** My other hobbies, model railroading and retro gaming, have their own channel now! The links to these channels are below. ******************************************************************** JINO0372 Model Railroading: JINO0372 Retro Gaming: ******************************************************************** All videos and MORE can be found on my website: Thanks for watching!! Please like and subscribe!!
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