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Virtual Pinball Cabinet Assembly - My First Design

DISCLAIMER - This post was originally posted on my old Blogger site. I migrated it to my new site. So some of the information published here may no longer be relevant.

So I began assembling my awesome cabinet design.  I soon realized that my design is not 100% awesome.  I am "soldiering on" with the build.  I may just build a traditional cabinet for this later on. Here is what I have so far:

This picture is the steel frame and bottom base of the cabinet. I added the cross-beams because the foundation was too unstable. This made it very rigid but hurts the aesthetics. The connectors are also a bit bulkier than I thought they would be. Right now I was thinking all this needs is a little bit of duct tape and it would be all out "redneck" time!

This picture is the playfield display with the mount installed. This mount will allow me to lift the display and rotate the playfield from portrait to landscape pretty easy. My plan is to use the cabinet for playing pinball and other emu's.

Here is another angle of the base cabinet with the original mounting plate for the playfield display. This was scrapped quickly as the weight of the display was too much for this to handle. Time for plan B...or is it C....maybe I'm on plan G now. I don't know....I lost count.

OK. I skipped ahead a bit here. The original mounting plate for the playfield display was way too light so I added a 2 x 4 there instead. I wasn't planning on adding a top plate (shown above) but it needed some serious help aesthetically. I added the vertical supports for the backglass display and installed the mounting bracket for the playfield display. I'll soon be adding a front plate and the backglass mounting plate and bracket. It should then be ready for paint.

This is what the playfield display mounting bracket will look like extended. I just realized I did not leave any space to run cables from the bottom to the display. DOH! OK...I have to add that before painting.

FYI - This design was later completely scrapped. I used some of the design elements and concepts in my current design. Here is a link to the blog post on my current design:



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