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Virtual Pinball Cabinet Assembly - My Current Design

DISCLAIMER - This post was originally posted on my old Blogger site. I migrated it to my new site. So some of the information published here may no longer be relevant.

Alright!  I have my new all wood cabinet built.  I trashed the metal frame idea as it was just not working out.  The only thing left to do on the cabinet is to stain it a nice dark rich color.  Right now I am having too much fun playing with it.

Here is the cabinet coming together....

In this picture....I have the top of the cabinet cut to size with the front plate, side rails, and back post cut. Next step is to groove these pieces to fit the smoked acrylic panels and fasten them to the top.

In this see the groove for the smoked acrylic cut and one of the panels set in to place. The back access door is also installed. All pieces are fastened to the cabinet top.

Here is another view.

Here is a view with the back access door open.

The base cabinet is now fully assembled. The next step is to install the backglass monitor post.

Here is a view inside the base cabinet. My plan is to one day incorporate some LED lighting.

OK. I jumped ahead a bit here. I got the backglass monitor post installed and the mounting bracket installed. I also cut the holes for the speakers and installed the playfield display mounting bracket.

Here is a view from the back. You can see the laptop PC and sound controls.

Playfield is installed. Time to bring it upstairs. I'll install the backglass display upstairs. I can't wait to power it on!

Powered on!

View with Pinball X started. The Creature from the Black Lagoon was the first table I played on it. It played great!

This is what it looks like with the playfield pulled up and rotated.  This will be for MAME games and other Emu's like SNES, NES, and NeoGeo.

So this was a lot of fun.  The cabinet....once I switched to wood....was a breeze to make and assemble.  Although it is a heavy sucker.  The advantage of the metal was a lighter weight.  All in all....I'm happy.



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