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My desktop virtual pinball machine - The beginning

DISCLAIMER - This post was originally posted on my old Blogger site. I migrated it to my new site. So some of the information published here may no longer be relevant.

This is my first post on my latest project...creating a virtual pinball machine.  Right now my setup consists of a Dell laptop and docking stations...a 32" LCD TV....I believe it is 32"....and a 20" LCD computer display (see the picture on the right).

The emulators that are currently working are visual pinball (just got this working), Pinball FX2, and Future Pinball.  I'm using a front end program called Pinball X to manage the tables and launch them.  On the PC side I am using a front end called Paper Plane.  I want to use the setup not only for pinball but also to play other game emulators.  The computer will start up to Paper Plane and from there I will either select Pinball X or HyperSpin (I may use GameEX) or go to Windows.  Paper Plane is used sort of like a kiosk.

I'll be posting more pictures and videos as I go along as well as helpful tips.




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