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Aloha (Gottlieb 1961) VPX Recreation WiP

I am currently working on recreating Gottlieb's Aloha for Visual Pinball X. So far the build is going good. I have most of the playfield features in place. I still need to add the gobble hole. I also need to create and add the plastics and apron.

Right now I am currently writing the script. The new challenge with this machine is it will be the my first time scripting more than one player. Aloha is a two player game.

Like Wonderland before this...this will be a "ground up" build. I started with a new table in VPX 10.7.3 and I slowly been adding features and scripting.

Here is a link to information on the real machine:

Here is a screenshot of the work in progress. The textbox scoring is just temporary. There will be score reels.

There will be follow up posts on the progress. When the recreation is complete it will be made available to download on


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