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Why I chose to use Bachmann EZ Track

Flex track is the preference of most avid model railroaders. But I chose Bachmann EZ Track. Right or is my logic behind this decision.

Bachmann EZ Track

My model railroading adventure began like many others with the purchase of a train set. Most train sets come with some track. Typically enough to make a simple oval. They also include a DC or DCC controller. This is used to provide power to the track and control the train. The final pieces of a typical train set is the train itself. A train is comprised of a locomotive and railroad cars. The train set that I chose was the Bachmann Thunder Chief. The Thunder Chief set included Bachmann's EZ Track and also included Bachmann's EZ Command controller. The locomotive in the set was about as cheap as you can get. Out of the loco's I currently is probably the worst. The only positive is that it is DCC with sound. The railroad cars are also far from top notch as they have plastic wheel sets and are poorly balanced. The EZ Command, while functional, is very limited as far as addressing and train functions. Needless to say....the only thing I continue to use from this first train set is the EZ Track. But....why?


Sectional vs Flex


The first choice I had to make was between sectional or flex track. I was more familiar with sectional track as it was the track I used on my layouts when I was a kid. be sure....I purchased some Atlas Flex Track from Train World. What I be 100% honest with you....I found the flex track to be a pain. It works well with straight away's but I had issues getting the track to curve. It was very stiff. Plus when you did make a nice clean curve the ends become uneven and have to be trimmed. What if I change my mind? More trimming and filing to get the rail joiners to work. I also always had gaps in the rail joints. Another issue I had was getting the track to lay flat. This track must only lay flat if pinned or glued. Most of the problems I was having were probably due to my inexperience with flex track. I was also uncomfortable with making sure my curve radius was correct. So I decided that sectional track was the way I wanted to go.


Kato vs Bachmann


So once I made that choice my next choice was between the manufactures of sectional track. At this time....even though I had some Bachmann EZ Track....I wasn't married to Bachmann. I did not have any issues with EZ Track but I wanted to keep my options open. I checked out the various train boards and I read a lot of opinions on Bachmann, Kato, Atlas, etc. My decision came down between Kato and Bachmann. I ordered some Kato Unitrack from Train World. It was really nice. Well designed, well made, and the road bed actually looked pretty good with out ballasting. I saw all I needed. Kato Unitrack was the track for me. I made my choice!


The AnyRail Factor


At the same time I was making my choice of track I was also making my choice of track planning software. I settled on a program called AnyRail. As I started to create my new large layout using Kato Unitrack I soon realized that Kato Unitrack was too limited. Bachmann had a lot more sectional options that provided more flexibility to my track planning. I also got two Bachmann DCC turnouts for my Christmas layout that I created. I really liked how easy these turnouts were to install, configure, and use with my Roco Z21.

So that is why I chose Bachmann EZ Track. I've been advised that I made the wrong choice but I honestly have not had any issues with Bachmann EZ Track or their turnouts. Only time will tell if my choice was wise or not. Right now I am happy.

Thanks for reading and if your is some of my videos related to this subject:



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