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Aloha (Gottlieb 1961) WiP Demo Video Released

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

The build for Aloha has reached the point where I created a demo video (see below). The build is almost ready for release. I need to create the B2S and there are a few script tweaks I need to do. From there I need to do a lot more testing. I want to make sure I chase all of the germlins out.

This table will include better physics than my previous releases as I've incorporated JPSalas' latest material physics. I did not add the flipper tricks because I kept having issue with it. I may add it in a later revision once I get it figured out. I've also been trying to get better and more realistic lighting. I don't consider the lighting in the tables done in Blender as realistic. I find these tables to be too dark. With this build I have a better understanding of the lighting in VPX and I believe the lighting is close to the actual machine video I saw on YouTube ( I used the video of the actual machine to best understand the gameplay and I also captured some sounds from this machine and incorporated them into this build.

I also improved the ball shadow and other misc visuals. I never liked Ninuzzu's ball shadow in the past and I removed it from Wonderland. My main issue was the ball shadow always had this fake halo around it. Well...I finally figured out how to get rid of that and now I like the ball shadow. I learned my lesson from Wonderland and I did not use the backglass decals in desktop mode. I saw a little bit of a Scottywic video where he was showing how to get them to work with multiple screen resolutions. For now...I am just going to tweak the desktop image to highlight those elements in the backglass.

I am anticipating having this complete within the next two weeks. Like all of my table releases...this will be available on VP Forums ( ).


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