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1955 Williams Wonderland VPX Recreation (Update)

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The table is about 95% complete. I need to do some more testing and tweak a few things here and there. For a wood rail the gameplay has some nice rules to it. Game time can be pretty short but that is normal for these wood rails.

I learned a lot during this build. Especially on the scripting side. The script is probably not as elegant as with some authors, but it works...and so far from my works pretty darn good.

Here are some updated screenshots:

This is the table in desktop mode. The background backglass is a working backglass and lights up the appropriate scoring.

Here is the B2S that will be included with the table for those with cabinets.

A demo video can be viewed on this site or my YouTube channel. In the demo I added a feature to the script that is not typical of a 1955 wood rail. The ball "auto lifts" to the plunger. Typically, once you start the game you have manually lift the ball to the plunger. While true to the era...I find this practice annoying in other VPX builds. The script gives the player a choice. Manual or auto lifter.



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