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1955 Williams Wonderland VPX Recreation

The progress on this recreation is going very good. Elements like the gobble hole I thought were going to be difficult to figure out but I was able to get it working after a couple of hours of tinkering. I drew inspiration from Balater's 4 Roses table that has two gobble holes.

The playfield re-draw was tedious and time consuming. I could not find one solid resource that I could use for the whole redraw so I took elements from images on Pinside, IPDB, and pbecker/Itchigo's VP9 tables. Even these sources weren't that helpful and I re-drew a lot.

I expect a similar approach for the plastics.

The table build itself was completed in two days (about 3 hours total). The layout is symmetrical. So I basically created one side and then copied many of the elements over and just flipped the x-axis.

Here is the to do list:

  • Clean up the playfield some more. I do not like the lanes where the rollover switches are. I plan on bacially erasing these sections and complete redrawing them. I originally used what was available with the resources.

  • Create the plastic and the apron. Luckily...there is only a few and they are basic. I should have no problem redrawing the graphics on them.

  • Finish the script. Right now the script is basic as basic can get. This will take me a while as I suck at this.

  • The desktop background image I have that is very nice has some of the scoring numbers lit. I need to make them all unlit so when I add scoring it will look nice.

  • Create a DirectB2S of the backglass for cabinet users. My backglass designer software keeps crashing on me. I installed the latest version. I think I need to either roll back to an older version or try another PC.

  • Misc. tweaking after hours of gameplay.

Here is a screenshot of the desktop view as of time of this blog post:



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